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Reduce Appetite, Fat destroyer, Metabolism booster

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ASSASS1NATE will reduce appetite, inhibit fat storage, increase glucose uptake and stimulate your metabolism. All those benefits without any stimulants. You may be wondering, if ASSASS1NATE will be so effective why does nearly every fat burner contain high amounts of stimulants? The reason is cost; stimulants are typically inexpensive, especially caffeine and most supplement companies will not spend the time and money to source truly effective fat burning ingredients at proper doses. Fortunately, at Olympus Labs we prioritize R&D over marketing, hence our exceptional formulations.

ASSASS1NATE employs innovation to elicit results befitting a DemiGod or DemiGoddessess. It targets a myriad of different fat burning pathways including AMPK, PPAR-α, PPARγ as well as more novel pathways; irisin, leptin, PGC-1α, PME-1/PP2A/PKB, CPT-1, UCP1 and CB1. All in one product? Yes, that’s correct, Olympus Labs does it B1G or not at all!

We adhere to the following three pillars in every supplement we produce; Innovation, Value and Results. ASSASS1NATE is no exception, in fact it is on the leading edge of sports supplementation which you will hardpressed to observe from the competition.

Most importantly, ASSASS1NATE will deliver the results you have been hoping to achieve. It will recalibrate the way you think about fat burning. An effective stimulant free fat burner and GDA in one. The supplement that was inconceivable but now a reality. In addition, ASSASS1NATE can be stacked with IGNIT3 or BLOODSHR3D for a explosive fat incineration combination.

CONQU3R the dread of dieting and attack fat by stealth with ASSASS1NATE.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 4 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

                                                                  Amount Per Serving

Metabolism Stimulation &

Extreme Thermogenic Activation:

Dihydromyricetin 90%                                     700mg

Trans-Tiliroside 5%                                         500mg

Carnosic Acid 20%                                         500mg

Potent Fat Inhibition & Cannabinoid

(CB1) Receptor Modulation:

Orthosiphon Stamineus                                  300mg

70% Ethanolic Extract

Olive Leaf Extract                                           150mg

(Standardized to 20% Hydroxytyrosol)

(Yields 30mg Hydroxytyrosol) 

Lutein 20%                                                     125mg

PPARa agonist:

Oleoylethanolamide (OEA)                            200mg

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